Aaron + Jessi – 12.30.17

Wow. I love a holiday wedding, but Rock Lake, ND felt like the North Pole on this day! I like to think the extreme cold will only make Aaron and Jessi’s day more memorable for them and their guests. 😉 At least they know who their true friends are…and I would have to say they can count their bridal party among them! At one point, the groomsmen had to hold their breath for an outdoor shot so it didn’t look like they were smoking cigars–I must admit, this was the brilliant idea of one of the guys, as my brain was too frozen to think. Anyway, hearts were warm, Aaron and Jessi looked STUNNING, the ceremony, reception and details were beautiful, and that Rock Lake crowd really has some moves on the dance floor!! Congrats, you two, never forget the precious love you have for each other as you continue to walk side by side!


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