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Baby River

Sweet little River adds more love to this family, who already has it in abundance! Born 6 weeks early, he’s even now showing that he’s not going to fall behind in anything, plus he has a lot to motivate him to keep up with big brother and sister. 🙂 This was a full, rich and blessed session; as we commemorated new life, sibling affection, 10 years of marriage, and loving family relationships!


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Freidig Family

This little sweetheart was 8 weeks old when he came for his photo session, so he was a lot of fun since he was starting to interact! Baby Leo had some pretty great outfits, as well as soft, squishy bare skin and pinchable cheeks. Not that we pinched his cheeks, of course. 😉 We think he looks like Daddy, but Mommy gets credit for the crocheted hockey skates…she finished making them on the drive here!


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Baby Liam

Liam was our third newborn boy in just a few weeks, not only that, he was our third baby-boy-with-big-sister-combo! He is so loved, and such a handsome little guy. Daddy had just the right touch…we think we’re pretty good with babies, but all Daddy had to do to calm him was put his hand on him and say sshhh. 😉 And Mommy is the best for snuggles. Also a big thank you to my helper, Janae Larson–you know your assistant is doing a good job when she gets invited to a birthday party! 🙂


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