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Trent Newborn

First, I will warn you, this post is long! It wasn’t easy choosing the best 20 or so photos out of over 400. 🙂 And, next, the craziness is real…anytime you combine a 19 month old toddler and a newborn, you just go with what you get! But obviously, I love the photos as much as I love this family. They are doing such an awesome job with their two little ones, and we congratulate them and new parents everywhere–you guys are rock stars!


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Baby Hawkins

It’s baby season…and we couldn’t be happier! Plenty of newborn love to go around lately, and more to come. 🙂 Collyns was one of our newborns just 19 months ago, and we’re so pleased she came back with little brother Hawkins so we could meet him, and see what a beautiful little girl she is growing into! She likes to sing songs, play games, and give “supervised” loves to her baby brother. Mommy and Daddy are doing great with two little ones, they have just the right touch!


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Ash Family

Large groups are a privilege, when they are as pleasant and cooperative as this one! This picture represents 4 generations. It is so special to see families get together, and to see the bond that they share. Taking time for family portraits (on graduation weekend!) wasn’t easy, but I know we all agree it was worth the effort. Thanks for including me in this special occasion! 🙂


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Jacobson Family

What do you do with a not-quite one year old who’s been walking since he was 8 months old?? You follow him around! On the run. You make noises. Silly faces. Sing songs. Mommy and Daddy wave their arms and jump up and down. And in the end, you say, whew! That was a lot of work, but it was worth it! Their expressions are fleeting but priceless, their attention span is short, but oh, so focused. Cherish this “soon-to-be-one” age, it’s moving by as quickly as they are!


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Boden is One!

And Boden is one! How did he go from such a “small fry” to the “big ONE” in such a short time? Yep, Mommy and Daddy are still fishing enthusiasts, and threw a colorful fish themed birthday party for him on his first birthday. This little guy is on the move, but had no trouble staying in place once he was presented with his very own cake! I think the grown-ups were as thrilled with the cake smash as Boden was, but he was the only one with a sugar rush. 😉


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