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Families & Children

Peyton & Jersey

Although I LOVE newborn shoots, I have to say I took a deep breath when I heard that baby Jersey was bringing her 1 1/2 year old big brother along for pictures! Momma is doing a great job with Peyton though… he’s a little charmer who listens VERY well for his age. Baby sis Jersey is quite the snuggle-bug, so we swaddled her, rocked her and cuddled her until she finally fell asleep!

The beautiful hand-made afghan was a gift from Grandma!

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Olivia & Cooper

Our beautiful little Olivia with the to-die-for eyelashes visited us recently and brought along her baby brother. It was so fun to meet Cooper! We were absolutely charmed by him and the fact that he looks just like his daddy. He is only 3 months old and can already sit up with a little support. Mom reports that he is advanced for his age and we tend to agree with her 🙂

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Hoover Family

We always just love it when the Hoover family comes in! Rachel is now just over a year and sporting pigtails;  Jayden and Emma keep us entertained with their stories of school and their clever antics. Amanda is a sweet and devoted mom to Rachel and Grandpa Dave and Grandma Lois are so nice to visit with. We are so happy to have families who come back year after year and it’s great to stay connected with their lives!

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Gehrtz Family

I had such a great time getting to know this family. They are celebrating 20 years of owning the Cedar Inn Restaurant in Devils Lake! What stands out the most to me about them is how respectful and cooperative their 3 adult sons were. Mom and dad have obviously done a great job, and I’m so glad they have beautiful pictures to commemorate this stage in their lives!


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Grenier Family

We were so happy to have this beautiful family into the studio again! Blond, blue-eyed Sylvia was a dark-haired newborn last time we photographed them… now she is a big sister! Baby Julia is so lucky to have 2 little mommas to teach her everything she needs to know about the world. 🙂

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