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Kayla – Maternity

There can be great beauty portrayed in sorrow…although Kayla’s unborn baby is destined not to live, she wanted to document her pregnancy and preserve memories of this little life. Kayla was determined not to cry, and she kept her word, however, the rest of us didn’t do so well! It was wonderful and beautiful to see the caring support she has from her family and how loved this child is.


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Baby Leo

Little Leo Dennis…so sweet and precious!! Only seven days old when he came in for his newborn pictures, he was perfectly sleepy and complacent. He is absolutely thriving under Mommy and Daddy’s care, with maybe a little love from Grandma thrown in. 🙂 He was oh so tired, but luckily managed to wake up at last so we could get a glimpse of his beautiful blue eyes!


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Hadley is One!

Little Hadley is only more charming now that she turned one…she is little Miss Personality! Mommy says she is always cheerful and smiley, and likes to meet new people. She likes to crawl, climb, stand, and almost walk–in fact, she took a few steps while she had a toy in her hands, thinking she was holding on to something! She’s already a fast mover, and things are about to get more lively. 🙂


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Baby Ivy

Beautiful, precious little Ivy! We couldn’t get over her perfect features, little round face and reddish hair. She kind of looks like Daddy, only cuter! 😉 She was much anticipated and warmly welcomed, and is receiving the very best of love and care from Mommy and Daddy…she is a content baby girl. We are so happy for the whole family!


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Baby Paisyn

Dan & Ciara were back with newborn baby Paisyn! After doing their maternity session a few weeks ago, we were excited to meet her…she arrived just on time and perfectly beautiful and healthy. Just like the princess they were hoping for! How’s that for a fairy tale ending? 🙂 Mommy made special little props for her, a crown because she is a “child of the king” and little arrows because “happy is the man (or woman!) who has his quivers full of them.” We’ve always enjoyed Ciara’s creativity, and had fun teasing Dan that we hope he has lots of little arrows. 😉


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