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Families & Children

Deckert Family

This little family was such a pleasure to photograph! Noah turned one a few months ago, and he is a busy bee… But also a very cheerful boy who (thankfully) thought I was quite entertaining. 😉 We got tons of great smiles and captured how much he loves to play with mommy and daddy!


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Jacobson Family

We took little Connor’s newborn photos a few months back, and now our chubby blond love bug brought the rest of his family in for us to meet! His big brothers and sister were all so calm and well-behaved that it made our job seem almost too easy… These guys can come back and visit us any time!


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Hadley – 6 months

This pretty little peanut is 6 months now! The whole family came in for pictures to celebrate, and we enjoyed an exceptionally beautiful fall morning. Big sis Isla is cuter than ever with her curly little ponytail… she does tend to get very pensive whenever I bring the camera out, but her parents say she’s the life of the party at home. 😉 Baby Hadley is sweet, mellow and even tempered… She reminds me a lot of  her daddy!




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Shiele Family

If photographers can have favorites, this little family would be very close to the top! We’ve been captivated by Kynlee since she was a newborn, and Tucker has completely stolen our hearts with his strawberry blonde hair and winning smile. Emily brings great ideas to the sessions, and Tyler?…Well, he good naturedly goes along for the ride! 🙂


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