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Families & Children

Briggs & Ellie

What an adorable pair! Briggs came prepared in his farmer boy bibs, with tractors for accessories. He was obviously more comfortable in that than in the family heirloom suit we convinced him to wear “just for a few pictures.” Ellie brought her Christmas dress and a pretty smile, along with a great coordinating outfit to compliment her brother’s bibs. Click/scroll through to the end to see some sibling love!


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Hall Family

This lovely family has two boys and two girls…what a nice combination! The boys are so handsome, and the little girls are all ruffles and lace! Big brother did his best to help with the little ones, and even the baby was remarkably patient and good. She just turned six months, so she got a few extra photos…and that little coat? It will probably fit her for a few months. 🙂 We were glad to have them in the studio!


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Dan & Ciara – Maternity

What can I say? We love this couple and always have! We did their wedding in 2011, and are so happy we got to share in this milestone with them, too. They are still just as sweet and in love as they were then, and committed to keeping God a part of their lives and their baby’s life. The little crowns signify that this is a “child of the King” and they are one of the few couples who are actually waiting to see if they are having a little “prince” or a “princess”!


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Rosalyn is One

We hate to brag…but this little family is the best! Rowan and Rosalyn made the shoot so easy and so much fun with their sweet smiles and cheerful behavior. I think Rowan is the first child who has ever actually asked permission to sit in one of my big round chairs! Usually the chairs are just a kid magnet, and I was so impressed by his politeness. 🙂 Rosalyn began walking just a few weeks ago and is doing a great job, but it’s still so cute to see her toddle and sometimes plop. 😉


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