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Families & Children

Arnston Family

This beautiful family all started with these two! We enjoyed a fun Saturday morning outside of Maddock with the whole Arnston crew. They have the most amazing yard, overflowing with flowers… Complete with a hammock and even a fountain! We ended with a few shots on a cool rustic bridge, with the rolling countryside in the background.


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Jack, Drew & Rhett

Three blond brothers, sweet as can be! It was so fun to have this family visit us again for Rhett’s 2 year pictures, especially since we have been photographing them since Jack was a baby! They were cooperative, well-behaved and a little bit silly. 😉 Jack and Drew loved jumping on our bed and Rhett was most excited about showing me his truck t-shirt and favorite candy corn socks.


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Jase & Breanne

Our “little blond blur” is not quite as much of a blur anymore! It’s amazing how much Jase has grown and changed in a year. He’s 3 now, and loves minions, suckers, and “matching” (standing back to back to see who’s taller). 🙂 This time we included Breanne in the pictures as well – she is a very sweet, patient big sister!


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Grenier Family

It was great to have this family back in to see us again! I always enjoy watching the interaction between the 3 younger girls and their older siblings… They are well-loved. 🙂 We (unknowingly!) planned the shoot perfectly – there was a short break in the clouds during a very rainy week. And just in time, since daughter #2 is heading off for a 10-month Australian adventure!


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