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Families & Children

BJ, Michelle & Ben

I am so happy I got to photograph this special couple to celebrate their wedding! BJ has been our next-door-neighbor since we moved into our house, and he recently decided to give up the bachelor lifestyle in exchange for his lovely new bride, Michelle. I personally think it was a great trade. 🙂 We had a beautiful, adventure-filled morning that even little Ben thought was fun!


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Baby Aidan & family

Baby Aidan joined big brother Samuel and big sister Sophia to make this wonderful family more complete! Aidan is a very content little guy, and mom and dad say they can’t believe how easy it is having one newborn instead of twins. 😉  Sam and Sophia have grown so much since we saw them last year… they are extremely well-behaved 2-year-olds and cooperated so well for pictures with their baby brother!


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Beautiful little Charlotte has the sweetest smile and personality, plus gorgeous blond hair (and lashes!) with soft curls. We had great fun playing hide-and-go-seek outside and jumping on the bed inside. When you’re two, even the smallest things in life are great adventures. 🙂


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Olivia & Cooper

It was so nice to have these sweeties back in to visit us! They have been coming to us since Olivia was a baby and our business was young… I remember falling in love with her huge brown eyes and dark lashes! Then Cooper joined the family, and big sis does a very good job keeping her little brother on track. 😉


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Peyerl Family

I always look forward to photographing this special family, and it has gotten a lot easier now that Alec and Lia are a bit older! 😉 They are the sweetest siblings – Lia LOVES her big brother and vice versa. We really worked to get the perfect expressions of the two of them in the natural light studio, and boy, did it ever pay off!


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