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Corina Class of 2014

I have known Corina since she was a little girl, and she’s just as cute now as she was then! (In a more grown up way, of course.) I love her smoky blue eyes, big smile, dimples and just the right amount of freckles. Some of her favorite things include government, horror movies, raspberry ice tea and cowboy boots! Even though she admits she’s not a cowgirl, she can pull off the look quite well 🙂

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Rynae Golke - October 31, 2013 - 8:50 pm

What a beautiful girl!!

Matt Class of 2014

Matt is a rare find these days–a truly thoughtful, caring teenage boy. He was so concerned about me during the session, making sure I didn’t slip on the uneven ground, that I had a drink of water, etc. (on what I’m sure was the hottest day of the year!) We went to his family’s elevator in Starkweather and to their farm, as well as the studio. Matt had his outfits and locations carefully planned out, which was awesome for me! He was so easy to photograph and natural in front of the camera–he has a great smile, but can also rock the serious look 🙂 He is a hard worker on the farm, and assured me that he had earned every rip and tear in his faded jeans!

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Shelby – Class of 2014

Shelby was so easy to work with… I LOVE her creamy (and flawless!) complexion and gorgeous gray blue/green eyes. I also love the fact that this beauty can be kick-butt if she needs to! She dedicates a majority of her time to taekwondo, and has earned every inch of that impressive black belt!


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Madison – Class of 2014

I LOVED working with this girl. (The camera loved her too!) She was just so easy going and relaxed… not high-maintenance at all. Maddy is an extremely talented basketball player with great fashion sense and a fun, warm personality. We ended the shoot with a few doggy kisses and by getting WET. I have been waiting to do water shots like these for a long time!


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Janae – Class of 2014

I just have to brag a little about Janae! She is a talented and beautiful girl with many interests, ranging from sports to reading books. A devout person, she even included her Bible among her favorite books. She told me she is thinking about going to school for cosmetology…or accounting!  She is interested in opening a salon featuring organic beauty products. I’m sure this lovely girl would have no trouble marketing her own line of  natural products!


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