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Madison – Class of 2014

I LOVED working with this girl. (The camera loved her too!) She was just so easy going and relaxed… not high-maintenance at all. Maddy is an extremely talented basketball player with great fashion sense and a fun, warm personality. We ended the shoot with a few doggy kisses and by getting WET. I have been waiting to do water shots like these for a long time!


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Janae – Class of 2014

I just have to brag a little about Janae! She is a talented and beautiful girl with many interests, ranging from sports to reading books. A devout person, she even included her Bible among her favorite books. She told me she is thinking about going to school for cosmetology…or accounting!  She is interested in opening a salon featuring organic beauty products. I’m sure this lovely girl would have no trouble marketing her own line of  natural products!


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Rae – Class of 2014

Bring on the blonds! Here’s another fresh-faced beauty for you… Rae has a very warm, open personality – I loved working with her and her mom. We shared lots of laughs, discovered this amazing willow tree, and even got to watch her throw the javelin!

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Alyssa – Class of 2014

I love this gorgeous blonde’s natural beauty and innocence. Alyssa and her mom made the trip to Cando for her senior session and we had tons of fun with her cute outfits, basketball uniform and violin… Not to mention her soft smile and dreamy blue eyes!

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Carleen – Class of 2014

Another pretty blond! Carleen is from Devils Lake and plays on the hockey team there. We brought out her feminine side more for her photo session, though! She is lucky enough to live by the lake, so we were able to shoot at some fun locations there, and Dad even hauled over an antique canoe and a red adirondack chair for us to use as props.

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