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Grace – Class of 2017

I was so fortunate to photograph this gorgeous girl! I loved her features…perfectly shaped lips, nose and eyes…and she has such a beautiful profile. She is a talented singer as well, and can sing “pretty much any part.” 🙂 Thank you, Grace, for spending an enjoyable afternoon with me!


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Rick – Class of 2017

I had a lot of fun photographing Rick…I told him he has such an interesting face and features! It’s only a matter of time before Hollywood comes knocking at his door. 😉 We had to really work to get some smiles for the camera, and a fair amount of goofiness and giggling ensued. (I should clarify…I was the one who was giggling.) Good thing he can rock the serious look! His favorite sport is basketball, and future plans are the Air Force–unless the movie industry gets him first!


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Derek – Class of 2017

Derek’s senior session was easy and enjoyable…he is pretty low-key, agreeable and nice to visit with! He’s also a hard working guy, between school and his job at his mom’s company. He will be well trained if he wants to become the future CEO! His favorite sport is football, and he contributed a lot to North Star’s team. You won’t see him on the basketball court, though, as he says he’s not coordinated enough. 🙂a76a0695a76a0767a76a0572-edita76a0731a76a0672a76a0616a76a0793a76a0655


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Anthony – Class of 2017

Anthony was an easy-going, low-maintenance guy to photograph, so we just had a good time at his session and kept it simple! He DOES like the Vikings and red sports cars, that much I know, and he looks equally handsome in formal and causal wear!


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Devin – Class of 2017

Devin is a big, tough football player… with a very soft heart. 🙂 We have known him since he was in grade school and have enjoyed watching him grow up and excel in sports. He always has a smile and a friendly greeting for me, and I will really miss seeing him next year! It goes without saying that we wish him the very best!


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