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Derek – Class of 2017

Derek’s senior session was easy and enjoyable…he is pretty low-key, agreeable and nice to visit with! He’s also a hard working guy, between school and his job at his mom’s company. He will be well trained if he wants to become the future CEO! His favorite sport is football, and he contributed a lot to North Star’s team. You won’t see him on the basketball court, though, as he says he’s not coordinated enough. 🙂a76a0695a76a0767a76a0572-edita76a0731a76a0672a76a0616a76a0793a76a0655


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Anthony – Class of 2017

Anthony was an easy-going, low-maintenance guy to photograph, so we just had a good time at his session and kept it simple! He DOES like the Vikings and red sports cars, that much I know, and he looks equally handsome in formal and causal wear!


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Devin – Class of 2017

Devin is a big, tough football player… with a very soft heart. 🙂 We have known him since he was in grade school and have enjoyed watching him grow up and excel in sports. He always has a smile and a friendly greeting for me, and I will really miss seeing him next year! It goes without saying that we wish him the very best!


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Randy – Class of 2017

I got to work with this handsome, intelligent guy a few weeks ago… Randy wasn’t too excited about having his pictures taken, but you would never know it from the outcome! He would much rather be working with his robotics team or doing something of that sort. I’m sure he will enjoy his pursuit of a career as an engineer!


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Thadius – Class of 2017

From the moment I met Thad, I could tell he was military by his respectful “yes m’ams.” 🙂  He is a thoughtful, helpful young man, and I so enjoyed getting to know him. I was impressed to hear he has held the same job all through high school, and I know that his dedication, humility and work ethic will take him far! I’m always touched by those who are willing to sacrifice so much to serve our country. Thank you to Thad and the many other service men and women who choose to do so.


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