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Randy – Class of 2017

I got to work with this handsome, intelligent guy a few weeks ago… Randy wasn’t too excited about having his pictures taken, but you would never know it from the outcome! He would much rather be working with his robotics team or doing something of that sort. I’m sure he will enjoy his pursuit of a career as an engineer!


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Thadius – Class of 2017

From the moment I met Thad, I could tell he was military by his respectful “yes m’ams.” 🙂  He is a thoughtful, helpful young man, and I so enjoyed getting to know him. I was impressed to hear he has held the same job all through high school, and I know that his dedication, humility and work ethic will take him far! I’m always touched by those who are willing to sacrifice so much to serve our country. Thank you to Thad and the many other service men and women who choose to do so.


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Max – Class of 2017

I am so glad I had the opportunity to photograph this Fargo senior…it’s not every day you get to spend time with a handsome guy in a tux! Max is a talented musician, active on stage, and a dedicated gamer; but that serious half-smile conceals a goofy side to his personality that came peeking out. I think I can honestly say we were BOTH having fun by the time he was hanging from a tree at the end of the session! 🙂


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Lexi – Class of 2017

I just love this girl! I totally click with her “nerdy” comic book loving side and the fact that she doesn’t quite fit the mould… She wanted something different, so we got creative and went places (like the junk pile 🙂 ) I have never shot before! It was such a fun day, and I think the pictures show Lexi exactly as she is – sweet, beautiful and unique.


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Macie – Class of 2017

The other twin – Macie! Her beautiful blue eyes really popped in the studio lighting, and she went for straight hair versus curly. Macie said she likes art and is unsure of her plans for next year… I hope she gets to do something creative!


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