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Skylee – Class of 2017

This girl brought so much personality to her senior shoot! Skylee is a super fun, sweet person with an easy smile. She has worked as a bank teller all through high school (and loves her job!), plus is the goalie for the Langdon girl’s hockey team. Basically, don’t let that gorgeous long blond hair and those sparkly blue eyes fool you – she means business on the ice! We had to do one shot with mom, and I just love how it shows their close connection. 🙂


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Jaydon – Class of 2017

I had a great time taking Jaydon’s senior pictures! He is such a handsome guy… as well as very mature and confident – a real gentleman. Jaydon loves playing football and hockey, and is following in his dad’s footsteps as a soldier in the U.S. Army. Behind every soldier is a wife or mother, so we did the last shot for Jaydon’s mom… She is extremely proud of her son, but at the same time it is hard to let him go!




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Ryyan – Class of 2017

And just because no one ever said, “that’s one too many handsome hockey players,” here’s another one for you! Ryyan was such a pleasure to photograph… soft-spoken, relaxed and easy-going, with piercing blue eyes that really showed up in the natural light. Like most of our athletic guys, he’s not just one dimensional – Ryyan is also a lifeguard and plays viola in the school orchestra!




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Haley – Class of 2017

This girl came with ideas, props, AND a buddy!! I was surprised to see last-year graduate Karlee show up, and find out they’ve been best friends forever. Of course, we had to document that special relationship. Haley is also a cheerleader, avid reader and superb singer…she was even chosen to attend a select group of vocalists in Hawaii this past summer. Her beautiful long curly hair and easy smile was a photographer’s dream, and she got over her nervousness quickly–with a little encouragement from Karlee. 🙂


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