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Lisa – Class of 2016

Lisa brought along her sister and two best friends (twins 🙂 ) for her senior session and we had such a good time together! They were her personal stylists for the day and her biggest cheerleaders… helping her with her outfits, hair, makeup and then telling her how beautiful she looked! I agree – she is a stunning girl with a fun, friendly personality. I loved working with her gorgeous long brown hair, big brown eyes and cute style!


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Caitlyn – Class of 2016

Brown eyes + brown curly hair = a stunning combination! Every minute of Caitlyn’s senior session was fun, as we worked and chatted our way through the LBD with the sparkly heels, to her bow and arrow with camo…except maybe when we got stuck by the side of the road. 🙂 That was a first, and Caitlyn’s mom had to come to our rescue. But nothing fazes this girl, she has poise and confidence aplenty!


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Mercedes – Class of 2016

Mercedes (yes, pronounced like the car… what a great name!) had so much fun together at her senior session! She is a stat for boy’s basketball and spends a lot of time on the road during basketball season. She also enjoys singing in the school choir and is looking forward to college in the fall. I loved her outfits and cute sense of style… and the fact that we didn’t have to do any outdoor pictures on that cold, windy January day!


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Michael – Class of 2016

Michael is athletic, handsome, intelligent, polite and soft-spoken… He plays football and golf and is number two in his family “line-up” (we did pictures for his older brother a couple of years back). I so enjoyed working with him and getting to know him a little better. Love the way his blue eyes pop in the natural light studio!


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Katelyn – Class of 2016

This pretty girl absolutely made my day! I loved her style, her smile and her sparkly blue eyes. That, along with a great personality, made this shoot a pleasure on a beautiful fall day.  A star in her class of seniors at Leeds High School, I know she will excel in the big, wide world as well! There were so many favorites to choose from, it was hard to narrow down our selection to just these few…it actually took two of us to do the job! Mom confirms that Katelyn is “daddy’s girl”, and we are confident that these photos will melt his heart. 🙂


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