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Bethany – Class of 2017

Sweet, soft-spoken Bethany was so easy to photograph… I love her long honey brown curls and elegant features. We had a SUPER windy day for her shoot, but managed to make it look like a gentle breeze. 😉 One of the highlights was ending the session in the sunflower field right outside of town!

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Kacey – Class of 2017

I just LOVED photographing this girl! I felt like I had a model for a day and was just busily snapping while she did one adorable pose after another. ♡ We incorporated some vintage things to portray Kacey’s modern day “hippie” vibe… And I promise you, Kacey is as down-to-earth and fun to be with as she is gorgeous!


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Emily & Jenna – Class of 2017

Identical twins, yet very different individuals…so delightful to do their pictures together and see their close relationship, as well as separately to bring out their uniqueness. A double session equals double the fun and beautiful images times two! 🙂


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Jenna – Class of 2017

I clicked with this beautiful girl in so many ways… Jenna is totally down-to-earth, loves reading, travel, and sports. I was pumped to use our new graffiti wall at her shoot – it worked perfectly with her funky striped dress, hat and converses!


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