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Myah – Class of 2015

Where do I even start with this girl… she absolutely rocks. Myah is one of those people you initially want to be jealous of but then you wind up being her friend instead. 🙂  I really connected with her happy, thoughtful personality and her love of books. I was motivated by her passion for weightlifting and working out… Don’t let those heels fool you – it took two of us to lift what she lifted by herself!


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Kelsey – Class of 2016

This girl is just the sweetest… We had a gorgeous (although windy!) fall day for her shoot, and we even went out the family farm for pictures with the red barn and an awesome old yellow truck. Kelsey says her signature look is jeans and a hoodie, but she pulled out all the stops with her adorable outfits – love the layers, prints and textures. Kelsey is an athlete (plays both basketball and volleyball) and I enjoyed her comfortable, easy-going personality!


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Mallory – Class of 2016

Mallory and I had an awesome time at her senior session! As if having blond, curly hair and blue eyes weren’t enough, she had incredible poise and grace. From the first moment I lifted my camera and clicked the shutter, I could see her dancer’s training coming through. She has been dancing since she was just a tiny girl of age 2 or 3, and it was so cool to see her do her ballet poses in front of the lens. Unfortunately, I was not able to get a tap dance demonstration in the natural light studio, since there was a newborn session going on at the same time! 🙂 We ended her shoot outside, with outfits that were perfectly coordinated to the fall colors. It was really super to get to know this talented and personable girl!


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Nicole – Class of 2016

Nicole (and her family) made my job so easy and fun the day she came in for her senior pictures! Big sis helped with all the clothing changes and hair fixings, her mom and I had a pleasant time chatting, and her little nephew kept us entertained with his funny comments. Mom said Nicole is the most low maintenance of her daughters, but wow, can she rock a pose! I LOVED her outfit choices, but I think this little floral print dress outside was about my favorite. I hear she can also play a wicked game of softball, a popular sport and long standing tradition for her family. 🙂


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Emily – Class of 2016

Emily, take 2! This gorgeous girl came back to the studio with her basketball uniform, and to take advantage of the fall colors. We had some fun with both the basketball and the leaves! I asked her what position she played and she told me that now she plays post. I said, don’t you get pushed around a lot? and she smiled that cute smile and said, yeah, but I kinda like it! 🙂


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