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Weddings & Engagements

Steven & Lisa’s Wedding

Doing Steven and Lisa’s wedding was a blast! We had so much fun in the little town of Rock Lake. There are great photo locations, and such a nice, laid-back atmosphere; but the most amazing thing of all was being surrounded by the love of the couple for each other and for their families. Steven is generally known as “the best guy around,” for sure his mother-in-law thinks so! 😉  Having the reception outside at the Rock Lake school was awesome: tears were shed during the speeches, the food, drink and decorations were fabulous, and the guests danced with abandon! 🙂 Oh, and have I mentioned the strawberry jam?? Jars and jars of the Best. Jam. Ever. Now that’s one sweet party favor!


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Ben & Maren’s Wedding

How do I even begin to put a few words down to describe how beautiful and special this wedding was? I could just stop here and let the images speak for themselves–but I will say that every detail, every aspect of the day was just perfect! I loved the flowers, the dresses, the color palette, the cupcakes (yum!) but nothing can compare to the gorgeous bride and her handsome groom. I loved seeing the genuine affection between the couple and their families, as Ben was warmly welcomed into the family as a son, and Maren became part of the ‘wolfpack’! 🙂


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Nick & Natasha – Engagement

Isn’t it great when you meet people for the first time, and you’re immediately comfortable with them? That’s how I felt about Nick and Natasha, so their engagement session was easy-breezy!  These two people were at home in front of the camera, with each other and with me…plus they are the perfect height for each other. 😉 Nick is already taking care of his bride-to-be, he is the one who made all the arrangements for their wedding photography and engagement photos–I love it when grooms are involved in the wedding planning. We are hoping for a balmy November day for their wedding, and excited to be a part of it!


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Steven & Lisa – Engagement

We are EXCITED to be doing Steven and Lisa’s wedding in Rock Lake this summer…they assured us there are lots of great old buildings to use for backdrops! 😉 They are awesome to work with, as well, and are really great kissers! Haha 🙂 Seriously, not everyone looks this good in their kissing shots. So, the question is, how did a Rock Lake farmer meet a glamorous gal from Fargo? That is part of their love story, and they are making their relationship into something that is lasting…we’re glad they found each other!


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Kallen & Deidra – Engagement

Can you say, “So. Cute. Together”? Deidra and Kallen met in third grade when he moved to her school, but didn’t realize they were soulmates until high school. 😉 I loved photographing them as a couple…they were so comfortable together and with me, and the perfect height difference between them–Deidra just as tall as Kallen’s shoulder. It made for great posing! And have I mentioned that gorgeous naturally curly hair?? As we sat and discussed wedding details for their August ceremony, I became more and more excited…it’s going to be beautiful!


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