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Weddings & Engagements

Kallen & Deidra – Engagement

Can you say, “So. Cute. Together”? Deidra and Kallen met in third grade when he moved to her school, but didn’t realize they were soulmates until high school. 😉 I loved photographing them as a couple…they were so comfortable together and with me, and the perfect height difference between them–Deidra just as tall as Kallen’s shoulder. It made for great posing! And have I mentioned that gorgeous naturally curly hair?? As we sat and discussed wedding details for their August ceremony, I became more and more excited…it’s going to be beautiful!


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Tresa & Devin

I had the very special request (and privilege) to photograph Tresa and Devin in their uniforms–they are both police officers for the DLPD and Devin is military police for the National Guard as well. We had a lot of fun with their “Bonnie and Clyde” pose! The end of the session was a complete surprise for Tresa…Devin took me aside and told me he was going to propose to her, and would I take pictures? I had never had that experience before, and it was a wonderful, emotional time! I think Tresa and I both shed tears. 🙂










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Lawrence & Shana – Engaged!

Thanks to Shana’s Aunt Cindy, I was primed up to meet this couple…and I was not disappointed! They are every bit as fun, sweet and cute as she said they were. We had a great time with their outfits and props in a variety of locations, and even managed to squeeze in a few cuddles and kisses, in spite of their insistence that they are not very into “PDA” 🙂 I have to agree with auntie–they are great together and we are looking forward to spending more time with them at their wedding!


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Deidra & Andre – Engaged!

This stunning couple was awesome to photograph! I loved working with Deidra’s bold style and Andre compliments her perfectly. They actually went to a small high school together, but never dated until reconnecting a few years ago. I am so happy they did, and really wish I was tagging along to their Mexico wedding… I guess I will have to settle for covering the North Dakota reception when they get back!



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Zach & Emberly

Zach and Emberly’s wedding was a fun-filled, relatively stress-free day! We were able to go to two beautiful locations with the bridal party, plus Zach’s workplace…which just happens to be Budweiser, and he even has keys to the building. What a responsible guy! 🙂 We enjoyed the low-key, no drama atmosphere throughout the day (well, the ringbearer may have shed a few tears), but everyone was so easy to work with, most of all the bride and groom. We loved the wedding colors, the special touches, the reception venue at Great American Inn (yes!!! white walls!) and the raspberry filled cupcakes. 🙂 Congrats on a perfect day, and best wishes for many more!


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