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Weddings & Engagements

Kaley & Marshall – Engaged!

I had such a great time getting to know these two for their engagement photos! Kaley and Marshall are the sweetest couple and we are so excited for their wedding next October. Their dog Phoebe (or “Phebes” as they call her) was a very good girl for pictures – she really stole the show! She seems quite pleased that her humans are getting married, just as long as they don’t forget that she’s number 1. 😉  We ended with a little trip down memory lane at a softball field since that’s where “future Mrs. Howard” met Mr. Howard!


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Ben and Maren Engagement

Ben + Maren + Engagement Photos + Fall Colors = Gorgeous!!! So glad that Ben and Maren could travel from Grand Forks for a fall engagement session…we made the most of one of our rare beautiful days. This couple has great style, especially Maren said she had a lot of fun picking outfits just for their session! I think Ben will have to treat her to some fancy dates and dining, so she can have more dress up occasions. 🙂 Loved getting to know these two, and we are looking forward to a June wedding!


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Jason & Keli

What a glorious September day for Jason and Keli’s wedding celebration! There were so many things that made it special: the thoughtful gifts they chose for each other, having their dog Leia in the photos, and Keli’s Grandpa’s touching speech…she clearly is the apple of his eye! The bride’s planning and attention to detail made it such a beautiful wedding, and we loved the vintage feel. Jason is a second year med student and Keli has a full time career, so we’re very glad this busy couple found the time to say “I do”…we know their strong love and commitment will carry them through all the years to come.


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Cole & Alyssa

Cole and Alyssa’s wedding day was another beautiful part of their love story, which began when they met at the Devils Lake High School. It was fun to start the day at the bride’s parents’ country home, where even the cat participated in the getting ready shots, and the two little dogs were underfoot!  The day ran smoothly, from the first look to the first dances. Alyssa wore Cole’s great-grandma’s pearls, which went perfectly with her lace dress, and we loved the navy and coral pink color palette they chose! The reception was perfect, down to the last detail. We absolutely loved working with this couple, and at the end of the day, we told Cole that he was one of the ‘good guys’…and we sincerely meant it! We are so glad they chose each other and wish them much happiness. 🙂


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Matthew & Michelle

We love doing weddings of high school sweethearts…and we ADORE doing weddings of high school sweethearts that we remember when they first fell in love! It was a joyful and fun filled day, and a special treat to be surrounded by bridesmaids, groomsmen, family members and even guests that we have known for a long time. We felt right at home! Matt and Michelle are so blessed to have each other, and to be supported by their loving families and friends. The bride could not possibly have looked more stunning in her lace dress and veil, and the groom? We think he’s as handsome as he was in high school! 😉 Best of all, they are such genuinely nice and caring people, that demonstrate the values they were brought up with. Thank you, Matt and Michelle, for making us a part of your awesome day!!A76A8242DF5A1446DF5A1156DF5A1238DF5A1410A76A8246DF5A1404DF5A1433DF5A1309-EditA76A8834DF5A1270Untitled-1A76A7680Untitled-2Untitled-3A76A8025Untitled-4Untitled-5Untitled-6A76A8163A76A8262A76A8269A76A8322-EditA76A8332A76A8353A76A8384A76A8406A76A8429A76A8284DF5A1451A76A8214A76A8598A76A8615DF5A1541DF5A1535DF5A1594DF5A1599A76A8695A76A8712Untitled-7A76A8780A76A8787A76A8881A76A8896Untitled-8DF5A1691DF5A1728A76A8910A76A8829Untitled-9DF5A1879DF5A1911

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