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Kyle & Mary – 6.4.16

These two were so relaxed on their wedding day… I can’t think of one time throughout the day when I felt pressured! Each of our couples is very unique in how they interact, and I enjoyed observing the way Kyle’s steadiness and even temper balances Mary’s fun nature and love for a laugh. They are both self-confessed cat people (Mary says she hopes they treat their kids as well as their cats!) and Kyle also has a passion for classic cars (or just avocado green mustangs??).

During his speech at the reception Kyle summed it all up like this: “A mutual friend of ours was telling me about this girl who had just broken up with her boyfriend.” (*Note to readers: there may have been a little matchmaking going on here!) “They went out to eat at Perkins and Mary boldly ordered ice cream with a side of bacon. After hearing the story, I said to myself ‘that girl is not going to be single long!'” And he made sure she wasn’t. 🙂


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Cole & Alyssa

North Dakota is notoriously cold and windy, but seriously?? 40 degrees and 30 mph wind in the middle of May? Anyway, these two brave souls (North Dakota natives, both) said, Let’s just go for it! We are so glad we did, because the sheltered spots we found were perfect for some gorgeous photos. And I loved the fact that we could commemorate their high school sweetheart beginnings by doing some fun shots in the school. We are really looking forward to their August wedding because of their sweet and special relationship to each other, and we know they will be wonderful to work with, no matter what Mother Nature (or anything else!) throws at us. In any case, I predict a beautiful, smooth sailing wedding day for them–because they will make it that way! 🙂


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Mitch & Erin – 04.16.16

Mitch and Erin’s day was very different from our typical wedding and we loved it! The evening ceremony was so unique and a scrumptious selection of hors d’oeuvres took the place of a formal meal afterward. Most importantly, their day was perfect for them… The entire celebration centered around their love for each other and the joy they felt to be getting married. I will never forget the gorgeous music during the ceremony (Erin’s mom actually wrote a song for her!) and the *lucky* spring rain showers throughout the day. We risked taking our perfectly coifed, pristine bride out in the rain for pictures in a historic opera house… And I’m so glad we did. ♡


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Zach & Emberly!

I had such a nice time getting to know this couple for their engagement shoot! Zach and Emberly are both sweet, considerate people, and I appreciated how easy they were to work with. We are looking forward to their fall wedding and capturing every special moment of their day as they become Mr. & Mrs.!Zach-Emberly-Engagement-55Zach-Emberly-Engagement-62Zach-Emberly-Engagement-21Zach-Emberly-Engagement-41Zach-Emberly-Engagement-15Zach-Emberly-Engagement-26Zach-Emberly-Engagement-72Zach-Emberly-Engagement-43Zach-Emberly-Engagement-29Zach-Emberly-Engagement-76

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Darin & Erika’s Wedding

This was such a beautiful winter wedding! The day had a tasteful, elegant holiday vibe to it, and the rich colors were a perfect background for the gorgeous bride, groom and bridal party. Erika is favorite auntie to the two little flower girls who had so much fun being made into princesses for a day! I was touched to see how absolutely surrounded by love and support Darin and Erika were as they began their lives together, and once again enjoyed capturing the playful sweetness in their relationship.  One favorite memory: Our soft-hearted groom thoughtfully gave Erika a handkerchief to keep handy for wiping away any tears… but he ended up being the one who needed it!  😉


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