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Warren & Katie’s Wedding

We first met Katie when her son Peyton was the ring bearer at a friend’s wedding a couple of years ago. We liked her immediately and are SO thrilled she found Warren – the love of her life, her helpmate and support, her biggest fan, not to mention a wonderfully kind and caring father. Warren’s only request for the day was that he and Katie wouldn’t see each other before the ceremony (oh yeah, and the super hero shot!), so afterwards we asked him what he thought when he saw Katie for the first time. He got this incredulous look on his face, as if it was a highly unnecessary question… “Wow, uh, I mean, LOOK at her! I was just looking.” However, Warren isn’t a man who is often finds himself speechless. He actually hooked Katie on a pickup line! Now let me tell you, Katie isn’t the type of girl to fall for a pickup line, but when ruggedly handsome Warren came up to her and said, “You know, I’m kind of a big deal…” She HAD to laugh and ask why. 🙂  Turns out a local billboard for the company he was employed by featured his picture. And the rest is history…


There are HOW many layers of tulle to this dress?? However, the perfect dress is like the perfect man… when you know, you KNOW. And as Katie said, “Sorry ladies, I didn’t choose the dress, it chose me!”


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Steven & Taylor’s Wedding

Steven and Taylor are high school sweethearts, a rock-solid couple whose love has already stood the test of time. It’s inspiring to see two young people so fully committed to each other and to their relationship. They have excellent examples in their parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents (2 of whom were also there to share in their day!). As photographers, we had a ball with the teal and orange color palette and all of the fun reception details… Coloring pages, personalized Kisses, and striped candy? Yes, please! Oh, and from now on, we are requesting that all our bridesmaids come with a pair of orange Converses. 😉

**Steven and Taylor’s wedding was the first of our “back-to-back” weddings a few weekends ago… We were sure glad they chose to get married on a Friday so we could be available to capture Warren and Katie’s  wedding the following day (blog coming soon!).


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Brittany & Adam’s Wedding

This couple has totally won our hearts! There’s something about Adam, maybe it’s his boyish face and ready smile, his kind and gentle personality or his cute remarks that make him so lovable! And Brittany…her grandpa says she’s beautiful inside and out, so “that makes her reversible!” We have to agree 🙂 There were so many touching, heartfelt moments during the day; the kind that make you say “awww”, bring tears to your eyes and a lump to your throat. So special to be included in your day, Brittany and Adam – many congrats and warm wishes for love-filled years ahead!


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Kelsey and Carrie’s Wedding

What a fabulous day Kelsey and Carrie’s wedding was! We loved every minute of it, even the perfectly timed rain shower that didn’t spoil a thing. We have known Kelsey for several years in the capacity as a professional groomsman, so we were thrilled to be a part of his day with him starring as the groom 🙂 He met Carrie through her numerous brothers, and knew she was the girl for him. Their almost one-year old, Harley, made their day extra special with his sweet smiles and stick-out tongue! The preparations were made, the vows were said, and the bride kissed the groom! Then we headed for the reception in the pavilion at Stump Lake, and that was an absolutely gorgeous place for photographs. Kelsey and Carrie, thank you so much for making us a part of your wedding day. We love you as a couple, and as a family with little Harley. Congratulations and enduring love!


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Josh and Alicia’s Wedding – 03.22.14

Josh and Alicia’s wedding was a perfect day filled with beautiful details and a stunning bride, as well as so much love and the real emotion that makes photography our passion. We immediately felt  comfortable and at ease with them and their bridal party… Maybe it had something to do with two of Alicia’s bridesmaids being previous brides of ours. 🙂 (At the reception we counted a total of six of our other wedding couples!)  Some highlights from the day were Josh and Alicia’s first look (Josh was blown away: “I don’t even know what to say… You look beautiful.”), Alicia seeing her dad for the first time (“my birthday present” he called her, with tears in his eyes), an amazingly cheerful 9 month pregnant maid-of-honor, and little Alex as she also welcomed Josh into her life. As Merissa said in her speech, “Josh is the perfect guy to take on this dynamic duo of Popowski women.” We couldn’t agree more. Thanks for letting us capture your special day!


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