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Andrew & Adrian’s Wedding

Andrew and Adrian’s wedding was on a VERY chilly day in Grand Forks…I think we saw a high of 8 below! Other than that, it was everything we could have hoped for–and looking back (now that our fingers aren’t frozen!) the cold somehow added to the specialness and excitement of the day. Looking at the pictures, we decided we like winter weddings!! We also got so spoiled shooting in the beautiful natural light at the Grand Forks Country Club. Andrew and Adrian’s love story began several years ago when Andrew came courting to Adrian’s parents’ dairy farm near Lakota. (Stories abound :)) Their love for each other grew until the day last spring when Andrew surprised Adrian with a ring and a proposal. They say history repeats itself…and I do remember another petite, gentle and refined lady (in the person of Adrian’s mother-in-law), who (gasp!) married a Grotte boy. Anyway, we know they will be just fine together, and they have such wonderful support in their family and friends. I enjoyed working with these pictures and doing this blog so much that it hardly felt like work–it felt like spending time with people that I love. Andrew and Adrian, thanks for asking us to be a part of your wedding. It was such a perfect day for a perfect couple! Much love…










Is it any wonder that Andrew proposed to Adrian while she was riding on the back of his motorcycle???


Laurel makes sure that everything’s staying on schedule 🙂



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Matt & Tara’s Wedding

Matt and Tara’s wedded life got off to a chilly, blustery, wintery start (-13 temps!), but we had a wonderful day, thanks to our cooperative bride and groom and the best bridal party ever! We all hustled and bustled into the church for the getting ready part of the day, and then went outside as little as possible for the rest of the day 🙂 We are grateful to the old post office museum for staying after hours to let us use their facility, and dash in and out of their back door to use a sheltered location for a few outdoor shots. We are so happy for Matt and Tara as they start their married life together with their two absolutely adorable little girls. They complement each other wonderfully: steady, lovable Matt and warm-hearted, fun loving Tara. Allie is already a lot like her Mommy and loves girly things and the dance floor! (Matt, you are going to have your hands full 🙂 ) They both have wonderful families that will be a rock solid foundation for them to build on as they continue to love each other and bring up their daughters. Congrats, Matt and Tara!!






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Matt & Tara Engagement

Matt and Tara are such a sweet couple and so perfect together! I really enjoyed meeting them and their two beautiful daughters, a lively two year old and a precious newborn. They met at UND and you can clearly see they are still Sioux fans! We did their session on a chilly fall day, but were lucky to find the last of the fall leaves for an absolutely beautiful setting. We are so excited they are getting married in JANUARY…Matt loves the cold and snow, and Tara is a good sport about it! 🙂

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Steven & Taylor – Engaged!

I can’t tell you how much fun I had with this adorable couple… Taylor and Steven are high school sweethearts who have stuck together through thick and thin. Actually, they’ve been dating since they were 14! I LOVE love stories… especially when they end in “happily ever after.” 🙂 We’re looking forward to a beautiful bride, handsome groom and a day filled with love and laughter at Taylor and Steven’s wedding next August!

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Andy & Kaitlyn’s Wedding

Andy and Kaitlyn’s wedding was held near Lake Metigoshe at the absolutely most beautiful time of the year! I can’t tell you how excited we were to get a chance to photograph this event 🙂 It was extra special because the bride’s sister is a professional photographer and she suggested us for the job. We had so much fun meeting and visiting with Jennifer that we had to remind ourselves to stay on task! The details of the wedding were every bit as gorgeous as the fall surroundings. The bride looked absolutely stunning next to her handsome groom. There were a few handsome guys around–Andy has enough brothers (4 of them) to make up a wedding party! And I won’t soon forget the precious story of how Kaitlyn and Jennifer’s dad (who is no longer with them) bought Jennifer a very special wedding dress that she was able to pass down to her younger sister to wear on this day. The bride’s speech brought a lot of laughs and a few tears from the crowd, and I love how she personally thanked everyone who was involved in the wedding. Andy and Kaitlyn, may your true love grow from this day forward.  Thank you so very much.

And the bride danced to “Pretty Woman”…!

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Jennifer - November 3, 2013 - 4:11 am

Beautiful work! You girls are the best! Stunning photos! I am so happy you were available to document this day for my sister. I especially love the one where Andy was giving me the “look” after Katie announced that one of the many things I taught her was that she didn’t have to do his laundry! Oops! Haha! Priceless! 🙂 Thanks again!