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Emily & Tyler Trash the Dress

Emily contacted me after their wedding and said, I just can’t get a trash the dress session out of my mind–Let’s do it!! These pictures tell the story and show how much fun it was!

Making mud…the farmer way!




OK, brides…who’s next? 🙂

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Ali & Jared’s Wedding

We were so excited for Ali and Jared’s wedding in Munich, and everything about the day lived up to our expectations! I don’t know of a wedding that has gone so smoothly, and Ali confided that her mother was the driving force behind the scenes that kept everything so organized. Ali was a gorgeous bride, and so relaxed and easy to be with. She has a wonderfully cute giggle that just made me smile! Jared is just an all around handsome guy. He is the kind of person that is always there when and where you need him to be. What a great quality in a husband! The day ended with a street dance, after a beautiful ceremony and reception. We had a lot of fun moments, as well as serious and memorable times, and we were glad to be there to capture it all.

Ali and Jared, Thank you so much! You two are perfect for each other, and we’re so happy for the special love you share. People like you are what makes us love our job so much!

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Emily & Tyler’s Wedding

Emily and Tyler’s wedding was the perfect combination of– dare I say–“redneck” and elegant! Only Emily could pull off country with a classy touch 🙂 Every detail of their wedding was carefully planned out, right down to her beautiful floral bouquet with its unique dried seed pods. There were cowboy boots and lace, tractors and flower fields, twine and tiaras. Oh, and have I mentioned the cupcakes?? Sinfully delicious and in how many flavors?? All of this was a beautiful backdrop for the main event of the day: Emily and Tyler committing their lives to each other “till death do us part.”

Emily and Tyler, you have been one of our favorite couples since the first time we met. We are so glad for each opportunity we have had to be a part of your lives and document your important life events. You are meant for each other…our wish for you is that you will always love and cherish each other!

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Josh and Stephanie’s Wedding

Josh and Stephanie’s wedding was a wonderful celebration of their love! From the time they met (Stephanie was on a date with another guy, I think the story goes!) Josh knew she was the girl for him. We think he was smitten by her Disney princess beauty, but his outgoing personality is perfectly balanced by her quiet sweetness, as well. We were so glad we could be there as they committed their lives to each other, to capture the beautiful details, solemn moments, and fun times. Josh and Steph, thank you so much. May your love endure and continue to grow as you enjoy your “happily ever after!”

This was Josh’s original idea–at least he SAID he didn’t get it from Pinterest!

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